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On this page:

1. Advice to fix problems with the sound or volume
2. Contact information
3. “About” information (what is all about)

If there is no sound at all…
If you can’t hear any of the nature sounds, try clicking on the sound on/off icon in the upper right of the screen. The icon will look like this:


After you click on it, the “X” should turn into three straight lines, and you should hear sound.

If doing the above doesn’t work, the volume for your entire computer may be turned off. Look for an icon in the lower right of your PC screen or the upper right of your MacIntosh screen that looks similar to this:


or this:


Click on the icon. A volume control button should appear, and maybe a ‘mute’ check-box or button. Click on the volume button and slide it all the way to the loudest setting. You should be able to hear the nature sounds now. However, you may also have to uncheck the mute check-box.

If you still don’t hear sound after adjusting the volume control, you may have to do one of the following:

1. use your default browser, or make the browser you want to use your default browser (this can be done easily a couple of ways, including re-downloading the browser — if you do so, you will be prompted to make it your default browser).
2. update your operating system (a Windows update, for example).

Volume Problems
If the sounds on this website are too quiet or too loud, use the volume control for the entire computer  (described above) to adjust the volume.

For any questions or concerns, please use the email form above.

What is all about

Enjoythere is not just for nature lovers. Here are just some of the other uses of this website:

1. A primary goal of this website is to help people who are stressed or overworked relax a little bit. You can let the soothing sights and sounds of nature on this site relax you while you work on other computer programs — you can even visit other websites and still hear the relaxing sounds.

2. Even if your job or schoolwork is not stressful to you, Enjoythere can make your office or study space a nicer place to be in — a place where you want to be (so work or studying doesn’t feel so much like a chore).

3. Is the weather bad or are you sick of looking at the same four walls? Enjoythere can help you feel like you have been transported to a sunny beach in Tahiti, Florida, the Caribbean, or other tropical destinations, with waves lapping up on the shore; or a shady waterfall in exotic locations such as Hawaii or Fiji; or the top of a mountain in the Rockies, Alps, or other mountain ranges; or babbling brooks from New England to Australia; or a tranquil lake, or a peaceful forest, or a meadow filled with birdsong.

4. Having trouble sleeping? Put your laptop or your cell phone in your bedroom and let the soothing sounds of nature lull you to sleep. was created by C. C. Collimore
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